FAQs – “Frequently Asked Questions”

Here are answers to some of the questions frequently asked by new vendors. If you need further information or details about exhibiting at Nevada Women’s Expo, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

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It is event-based marketing for the largest demographic with dollars to spend.

It’s a fun, educational, non-threatening and inspirational weekend of women connecting with businesses who offer products, resources and services geared to their wants and needs. Businesses can gain valuable and affordable exposure and women can take important time for themselves to learn, connect, be entertained, indulge, shop, participate in health screenings, look for opportunities and just have fun.

Our demographics are women, 25-65 years of age, who attend from all over the Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Northeastern California and beyond. Attendees may come for the following reasons:

  • Identify new products
  • Look for great buys – compare prices
  • Look for new ideas
  • Gather information
  • They go because every viable vendor is there.
  • They can get a read on what’s available and make their purchasing decisions on the spot.
  • To have a lot of fun!

Exhibitors must also have product knowledge and competitive knowledge. How do you stand in comparison to your competitors

Yes! We invite you to listen to our testimonials here: NevadaWomensExpo.com – Exhibitor Reviews

You can also read our testimonials by visiting Kristy Hawke on Linked In.

Yes! Activity in a booth is engagement through both educational and entertaining.

Once a booth captures traffic, it creates buzz and then engenders more traffic. This allows exhibitor-consumer engagement with the opportunity for lead capture, closing sales, booking appointments, etc. and ultimately relationship building.

Yes! Exhibitors are encouraged to offer a tangible door prize valued at least $50. Attendees like to win. The door prize opportunity creates excitement through pre-show and at-show promotion.

In addition, each winner is escorted to the exhibitor’s booth to claim the prize which allows the exhibitor and consumer face to face contact for lead capture and relationship building.

Our exhibitors can expect approximately 500 attendees each hour on the show floor.

The management team works to maintain relationships with current customers and reaches out to new customers and prospects each year. This allows the Nevada Women’s Expo to build on each year’s success and increase its attendance base annually. Advertising reaches approximately 10,000 individuals/families. Total show attendance is approximately 7,000.

Yes! We welcome men to attend as both attendees and as participating exhibitors.

The Nevada Women’s Expo is a target rich environment geared to women’s wants and needs met by both men and women exhibitors. Men attendees are invited to learn, touch, sample and engage with experts and business owners and representatives who are educated about products and services for women.

Did you know that, of all consumer purchases, women are responsible for 85%? Women have $3.7 trillion of “purse power.” (US Census Bureau) Companies that are aggressively engaging this audience are enjoying significant revenue growth.

If your business’ target audience is women and you have a product or service geared to women between 25-65 years of age, keep reading. The Nevada Women’s Expo is a very affordable and dynamic way to get face to face with thousands of your prospects during one weekend.

Below is a list of the top reasons businesses exhibit:

  • Shows are immediate and compelling. You can’t change the channel or turn the page.
  • Consumers are ready to buy.
  • Audience is pre-qualified. They paid to gain entry.
  • Shows produce far fewer tire-kickers or unqualified buyers than any other form of advertising. If they paid to come to the show, chances are they want to buy.
  • Accomplish a multitude of objectives: make immediate sales; gather quality leads; build brand awareness; establish industry positioning; sample products; set appointments.
  • Shows are ideal for test marketing, launching new products and shortening the sales cycle. You get the view reactions then and there.
    Shows are excellent at helping you stand out from your competition.
  • Shows are very cost effective. It is the show that makes a massive investment in marketing.
  • Shows are the only form of face-to- face marketing.
  • Consumers can touch, see, hear, taste, feel and smell products. It is the only form of marketing that engages all senses.
    Sell what you offer to other exhibitors.
  • Network and troubleshoot with other professionals. You can share war stories with others who have faced the same challenges and learn from more experienced pros in the business.
  • Meet with existing customers. You can make weeks and months worth of sales calls to your existing customers in a short period of time. Visit with people who are otherwise hard to meet. At shows, you can get to key people who are otherwise unapproachable.
  • Find new dealers, rep, employees and distributors.
  • Get media exposure. Use shows to invite the media to visit your booth with your media kit.
  • Get smart. Watch, listen and learn.